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My preaching professor at Tyndale Seminary always began his first day of class by reminding students that Sunday comes every seven days. And when Sunday morning rolls around, pastors all over the world will step up to the pulpit to preach sermons that they hope will be clear, relevant, and memorable.

I have a deep appreciation for the dedication and hard work that pastors put into their sermons and I’d like to help increase the chances of those messages being remembered and applied. It’s not just about increasing prayer and attaining more power from the Holy Spirit. Some of us do lack prayer and we must do whatever we can to reverse that. However, I believe more pastors are simply unaware of the speaking methods available to them to get their message across. Hey Preacher Boy is determined to help pastors become better preachers by relying on the power of the Spirit for results and by using some of the best speaking methods for communication.

We’ll kick off the blog with a series that discusses several myths related to preaching.

So let’s get started!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s get started

    • I hope I don’t disappoint your interest! I pray that you’ll learn a few new things as you delve into the articles. I’m looking forward to writing them. :)

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