Reader’s Response: What’s the point?

I was having a discussion with some friends yesterday when a good question came up. I’ll briefly answer it in this post and I’ll write a more detailed article on this topic later on.

Here’s the question: “If people can only remember a few items from a sermon, what then should those items be?”¹

It’s obvious that people can only recall a limited number of items from a sermon. Therefore, preachers need to leverage whatever those items happen to be. I believe every sermon should seek to make its key points memorable. You might have one key point. You might have two. Since I’m a baptist, I have three (why do we always have three points?!).

What needs to occur every Sunday is this: people need to walk out of your church service with a clear idea of what you were saying and what they’ll be doing. They shouldn’t be scratching their heads wondering what in the world you were attempting to get across. Make the key points the most memorable part of your sermon. Remember, if your points aren’t memorable, how can you expect people to apply them in real life?

A future article will discuss what makes up an excellent key point which includes being accurately based on the Scriptures.

¹The question was in response to this article: Preaching Myth #3: “They won’t remember what I say anyway.”

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