Preaching Myth #5: “I’m good at other things–just not preaching.”


Unless you have a pastor who’s dedicated to preaching on Sunday mornings, guess where that responsibility will fall upon? On YOU. As a pastor, you just can’t escape it. You will eventually preach—and for some of you, more often than you’d like to.

Now it may be true: you might be better at other things. Some pastors are great at counseling. Others are great at theological debates. Still others are great at mentoring. But let’s not make our strengths a substitute for mediocre preaching. Oftentimes, I see this “myth” as more of an excuse for pastors to not improve in their preaching skills.

You can learn to preach better. If preaching makes up a large portion of what you do, you might as well spend more time learning the craft to do it well. And I fully believe that anyone can learn to preach skillfully. It’s not just a talent or gift that some people have while others don’t. Preaching is a mandate given to all pastors. The apostle Paul tells the young pastor Timothy to “devote [himself] to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching” (1 Tim. 4:13, NIV84, emphasis added). There’s no escaping the responsibility to preach. Therefore, we might as well make the most of it.

Don’t settle for “not good”. As pastors, we can’t afford to be “not good” at preaching. People come every Sunday with heavy burdens and broken hearts. Many come bearing sins they know they’ve committed and are just struggling to break free. Others come oblivious to the truth that they can have forgiveness in Christ and salvation for their souls. Are we simply going to let the opportunity pass us by to impact lives through the preaching of God’s Word? We can’t take this responsibility lightly. “Not good” is simply not good enough.

I believe you can learn to become a better preacher. You don’t have to be the best. You don’t have to be perfect. But you can be good at it. Put in the time and effort to learn methods that will help you in preparing and presenting better sermons. Even though we’re better at other things, let’s still seek to add preaching to the list of things we do skillfully well.

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4 thoughts on “Preaching Myth #5: “I’m good at other things–just not preaching.”

    • Thanks, Tim, for the encouragements! I just started writing several weeks ago and it’s people like you who inspire me to write more. I pray that your blog, “Thoroughly Equipped”, launches well. Let’s make Jesus famous together!

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