The Sunday Project: Show the audience your outline

The Sunday Project is a series of tasks that are designed to improve your preaching skills by focusing on just one particular idea of preaching.

This project will target: CLARITY

Two weeks ago, we concluded a series on outlining called Skeleton. The project for this coming week is to show your homiletical outline to your congregation. Have it printed in the bulletin or on a separate piece of paper. You may opt to blank out important terms in the outline for the audience to fill in. Also, as an additional task, regularly refer to the outline to show the audience where you are.

An outline in their hands will help your congregation gain added clarity about your sermon. It might also encourage them to start taking down notes which is a practice that I highly recommend. This will hopefully aid them in their learning process. Showing the outline is also beneficial for you, the preacher. This will force you to ensure that your homiletical outline is well-constructed, logical, and coherent since it will be available to the public.

Let us know how it goes in the comments section!

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