The Sunday Project: Try a different microphone

The Sunday Project is a series of tasks that are designed to improve your preaching skills by focusing on just one particular idea of preaching.

This project will target: RELEVANCY

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article on the different types of microphones available. For this week’s project, purposely make use of a microphone that you’re not comfortable with. If you’re used to a lapel microphone, go ahead and experiment with a hand-held one. If you’ve been behind a pulpit with a lectern mic for most of your preaching career, try your hand at a wireless variety—a lapel or a headset microphone. If you’ve never tried preaching from behind a pulpit, now is a good time to experiment with a lectern microphone.

Remember, the choice of what microphone to use is not always within your grasp. It largely depends on what a church has available. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with every type of microphone will benefit you in the long run especially when guest preaching at other churches.

Let us know how it goes in the comments section!

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