The Sunday Morning Huddle

Last week, I wrote an article outlining the various things I do before the service begins. One of the things I mentioned is that I gather the team together and brief them with what’s about to happen that morning. It’s crucial that everybody is on the same page in order for the worship service to run as smoothly as ever. This article will look at some of the things that should be discussed during that Sunday morning huddle with your team.

(1) Who’s who?

When you gather your team together, make sure that everybody who’s participating in the service is present in that huddle—worship team members, the preacher, the tech crew, ushers, and anybody else who’s got a part in the upcoming service. This also includes those with special roles just for that day like giving a testimony or making a special announcement. Make sure everybody knows each other’s names and what their particular roles are.

(2) Do a rundown of the events.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that everybody knows what exactly will take place at the service and in what sequence. Again, everybody has to be on the same page for the service to run smoothly. Go through the sequence of events one-by-one. Take the time to highlight elements that don’t normally take place (like a special testimony for that day). The last thing we want to see happen is anybody getting caught off guard especially when it can be avoided.

Additionally, have a look at the sequence of songs. I once made the mistake of switching the sequence of two songs and forgetting to inform the tech crew who scrambled to fix the error on the spot. That could have been avoided if we had looked at the final sequence during the team huddle.

(3) Highlight special instructions.

Every worship service is different and a good team huddle highlights the differences so that everybody is aware of them. For instance, the ushers might be given special instructions to hand something to the congregation. Perhaps the preacher would like a short video clip to be played upon his or her cue. Perhaps the stage needs to be cleared for a special dance number. It’s crucial that instructions like these be discussed during the team huddle.

(4) Pray with your team.

Of course, don’t forget to pray with your team. In the end, we’ll need divine intervention to accomplish everything that we set out to do in the mighty name of Jesus.

Join the discussion: What else should take place during the Sunday morning huddle?

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